Business disruption events are not the time to discover gaps in expectations for the work performed by your outsourced IT company. You need a verification process to locate and correct problems before the liabilities from loss events impact your revenue and reputation. That process is called Inspectionem℠.

Are you paying for IT services that fail to meet your requirements for protecting and supporting your business and customers?

Inspectionem is a Latin word meaning a looking into. This word of action captures the view, inspect, and examine how your vendor performs. The unknown exposure to liabilities is a common problem you cannot manage, verify, or monitor, until now.

When left unchecked, the intentions of IT companies become unfulfilled tasks that expose your business to unrecoverable data loss and downtime. Some companies have good intentions, while others eagerly collect your money and skip necessary services to be more profitable.

Understandably, owners and executive stakeholders think their data assets are protected because they pay someone to do IT for them. They assume people follow through with their commitments. According to insurance companies, MSPs and IT service providers significantly contribute to claims resulting from customer loss events.  

We don’t just care about helping you limit the cost and duration of loss events. We want to see your U.S. business prosper. With Inspectionem℠, the IT vendor quality audit will isolate vendor issues so that you can manage the gaps in contract delivery. The result is that liabilities and disruption from loss events become less severe.

More than a supplier verification checklist, you will understand the benefits and exposures of outsourcing to your IT company. Are cost and service controls in place, or are they free to operate unmonitored? Outcomes from the verification process can range from overall good with a few essential corrections to selecting a better vendor to meet your needs.

There are several reasons that a leadership team would be motivated to understand and manage their IT vendor exposure. How could you identify these common vendor problems without independent verification and validation?

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The Inspectionem review process could save you tens of thousands of dollars in downtime and recovery expenses. Reducing assumptions, improving communication, and monitoring behaviors are vital to limiting exposure to business disruption events when outsourcing your IT.  

Will you bring this vendor evaluation process to your business stakeholders today? 

For those of you who do not care to know, the next loss event will likely change your mind. You will then want to quickly implement a trust and verification process to locate and correct the problems impacting your revenue and reputation.

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The following story highlights how trust without verification impacted this business and the owner’s beliefs.


Mark’s Story 

The owner of a manufacturing company shared this story. His company manufactures components for semis. His focus is to grow revenue by promoting the company and developing new markets. 

Mark used a computer primarily to send emails, so other people in the business were responsible for accounting, human resources, production, quality, and shipping. He didn’t know about the data on servers, need to know, or care to know. He just sent emails and reviewed printed reports and contracts.

He expected things to work until access to data on those servers stopped working. As the attempts for quick recovery went from hours to days, he became furious. The office personnel could not do their jobs nor generate reports, and most of the factory was offline.

As Mark recounted this event, his face turned red, and his voice grew loud. Years of paying them monthly, and they cannot recover my data. I trusted and believed them when they said; we have you covered.    

The IT provider restored some information from an older backup system, and Mark’s team rekeyed recent data from reports and emails. The business missed numerous production and shipment deadlines. They fired the IT company, but we do not know if they initiated a claim or lawsuit against the IT provider.   

Mark then presented a question. How would I know that they are dishonest?

Our response to Mark was, before this data loss event, let’s say hypothetically, would you invest a little time and money to determine if you had problems? Mark paused and said, probably not, but I will now. 

In retrospect, Mark knew the answer. People care about accessing emails and files and aren’t always interested in security and vendor verification fundamentals. Many organizations access critical business information through multiple systems and rely on various IT providers for support.   

That’s one problem many companies face today. Owners and executive stakeholders believe their data assets are protected because they contract a company to do IT for them. They assume people follow through with their commitments because they pay their invoices on time.

Fundamentally minded stakeholders are cautious because they know they cannot manage things they cannot verify and measure. We offer you a way to manage IT vendors to your expectations.     

Thank you for allowing us to assist you and your team with creating an asset protection plan.

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