The need for an adequate security framework should be at the forefront of all manufacturing business leaders’ minds when determining their resource priorities. Cyberattacks are inevitable, but the extent of loss is not predetermined.  Just as any number of events, ranging from tornadoes, flooding, municipal electrical-grid blackouts to hurricanes or other natural disasters, can lead to the compromise, corruption or total loss of valuable company information. The threat of data breaches looms particularly large: The 2019 Verizon report analyzed 41,686 security incidents, of which 2,013 were confirmed data breaches.  43% of breaches involved small business victims. The three leading tactics used to cause Data breaches were; 52% of breaches featured Hacking, 33% included Social attacks, 28% involved Malware.

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The FBI’s 2018 Internet Crime Report emphasizes the Internet Crime Complaint Center’s (IC3) efforts in monitoring trending scams such as Business Email Compromise (BEC), Extortion, Tech Support Fraud, and Payroll Diversion. In 2018, IC3 received a total of 351,936 complaints with losses exceeding $2.7 Billion.

If you think protecting your vital IT infrastructure is a simple matter of installing run-of-the-mill anti-virus software, you might be in deep trouble. Relying on legacy programs or hardware could also lead to big problems. But don’t panic: A security framework overseen and verified by Certitude Security can be just what you need to keep your company’s systems under lock and key.

Critical cybersecurity measures: Knowing your enemy

Before the best way for your business to protect its IT resources can be determined, you need to first know exactly what your level of risk is. Conducting an internal audit of your systems is pivotal here. Figure out the precise nature of your cybersecurity strengths and the full extent of your weaknesses, and then you can get the ball rolling on a security framework plan that provides you with precisely the protections you need – and nothing less.

Security assessments from Certitude Security will help you identify the specific threats posed to your manufacturing firm: the operations that are the most at risk as well as the types of malware or breaches that could most easily affect them. By prioritizing your cybersecurity structure according to the most critical dangers – and knowing exactly what does and doesn’t constitute an acceptable risk – you’ll be able to come up with the perfect plan in conjunction with Certitude Security’s experts.

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Creating consistent threat awareness among staff

Although there’s a lot to be said for a strong, well-implemented cybersecurity framework, it won’t provide the requisite level of protection if the members of your workforce don’t fully understand it – or don’t hold up their end of the bargain in terms of regular security protocol.

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A major share of the data records organizations see exposed by breaches are attributable to “inadvertent insiders.” Your employees may not mean to cause harm; carelessness and malice aren’t mutually exclusive, and human error is, well, human. But lack of knowledge or inconsistent application can cause or facilitate the exact same breaches that an external hacker or internal saboteur can.

Upon receiving assistance from Certitude Security to know what your biggest risks are, you can incorporate cybersecurity training into your onboarding procedures and continuous learning initiatives for current staff. Your people are your company’s most valuable resource, and they can play active roles in keeping your vital IT safe.

Correcting outsourced IT service providers’ mistakes

Another of the biggest impediments to creating a proper security framework for your manufacturing business isn’t the fault of management: Malicious actors throwing spear-phishing scams at your defenses and seeing if their exploits make it through. Choosing the wrong external cybersecurity service provider, or having IT workers on your payroll who aren’t up to the task of planning for and mitigating the latest cyberattacks, can be just as dangerous. These are understandable mistakes, but for manufacturers relying on IT to oversee design, production and order fulfillment operations, the dangers are simply too great.

Certitude Security specializes not only in original cybersecurity assessments, but also review and oversight of any services and systems put in place by a previous external provider. Our experts work alongside you and your IT team to verify whether the vendor you’re paying is making good on its offers, correcting any mistakes or helping you fill in missing pieces of your security framework. Certitude Security boasts decades of IT experience and insider knowledge of the manufacturing sector to provide your company with the no-nonsense solutions it needs.

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