Success is often associated with personal growth and professional development. The motivation for or commitment to achievement depends on how you see opportunities to learn, grow, and earn. The follow-through to reach the desired outcomes hinge on accountability.

How do you define actions and intent to provide value in your current roles?

The profound enemy of success is not your competition or colleagues but your procrastination. Any bias for inaction limits your capacity for meaningful results, a sense of accomplishment, and upward mobility.

Your mindset drives behaviors, and your behaviors drive results. Deadlines help us prioritize and focus. We are more likely to achieve goals when we enlist others who can help and hold us accountable.

Are the consequences of inaction or not meeting expectations adequate motivation for you?

We don’t just care about helping you limit the cost and duration of loss events. We support your pursuit and attainment of value-based goals each quarter!

The Triple-Three Development Plan encourages you to define three goals over three months, engaging three other people to support you in those goals and hold you accountable. This editable PDF framework puts results-based execution into practice.

Priority Matrix


It is great to have several aspirations for your life and career. Those aspirations remain dreams until you apply action to measurable goals that build value.

Will you dream of achievement or plan to succeed?

Your attainment of success, by your definitions, depends upon effective and efficient actions that extend your capacity to produce value. You are likely capable of more than you realize.

The alternative is that you can settle as the time and opportunities that pass are lost forever.

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