Integrity of Your Critical Assets

Modern networks extend beyond the traditional firewall and expand into environments and IoT devices that business leaders can’t always control or even detect.

By providing a barrier of protection between your trusted internal network and unauthorized external networks, we can support your IT infrastructure by building and maintaining the united threat firewalls. We can detect and block unwanted intrusions, viruses, and breaches while you continue moving down the supply chain without costly interruptions.

The FBI reported, “Cybercriminals are using IoT proxy servers to provide a layer of anonymity to mask their attacks on other devices. Devices in developed nations are desirable targets as they can facilitate access to systems that block traffic from suspicious or foreign IP addresses.”

Your information assets will be better protected from unwarranted access, ensuring the integrity of your critical business systems.

Network Security Management

Network security is an integrated system designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data. Through the use of hardware and software, user access is monitored to prevent unauthorized activity. As permission is granted, you can identify and prevent threats from entering or spreading across your network.

Build Layers of Defense

Network security controls several layers of defense around the perimeter of the network. These layers allow authorized users to enter their login information for authorized access, while potential attackers are blocked from viewing any personal information, confidential data, or proprietary resources.

The elements of a comprehensive network security checklist can include:

Access controls

Multi-factor authentication

Unified threat firewalls

Advanced endpoint and anti-spyware software

Application security

Email security and email filtering

Mobile device security

Web protection

Wireless security

Virtual private network management

Backup and Recovery

Vital Component

Firewalls are a vital component of Borderless Network Security. Once a user is authenticated, these network security devices enforce your defined policies and security rules that indicate which network elements specific users can access. By monitoring all of the traffic, firewalls can determine whether to allow or block users based on their activity. 

Additional firewall capabilities can include intrusion detection, antivirus, cloud management, suspicious activity, and intelligent security automation.

Limit the Vulnerabilities

Without adequate network security, manufacturers are vulnerable to threats like ransomware, adware, data theft, spam, spyware, viruses, and other attacks. When your team continuously shares digital information between departments and vendors, the threats that breach your defenses can quickly spread throughout your organization.

Sensitive and Confidential Data

Network security protects sensitive and confidential data, including employee, customer, and proprietary company information, from malicious attackers.

The 2022 Verizon data breach report indicates that data compromises are considerably more likely to result from external attacks than any other source. Nearly three out of four cases yielded evidence pointing outside the victim organization.

The loss of data can impact your revenue and reputation and create regulatory hurdles that can be devastating to your business and the lives of those around you for years to come. The average cost of a data breach is over $4 million, and attacks against manufacturers increased by over 37% in 2020.

Mitigating security exposure can be vital to business operations. When networks, computer systems, control devices, or other digital assets run optimally, you can avoid production downtime, shipping delays, and other workflow productivity challenges.

Improving network security management allows your IT team to identify potential risks before they become business interruption events proactively.

High Risk Scenarios

computer network graphic overlay

With such exposure to loss events, you need to protect your networks.

In reality, many scaling and mid-market manufacturers don’t have the IT resources required to uphold sophisticated security levels. As the nature of networks grows in complexity, so make the security threats. Network administrators face changing compliance regulations and the lack of visibility from limitations in Bring Your Own Device policies, remote access, and high vulnerability points.

While the advanced technology is out there, in-house teams don’t always have the time and expertise to continuously implement new security solutions and continuously maintain acceptable protection levels. Working with a security team like Certitude Security® provides manufacturers with enterprise-level network management services that enhance security architecture with the necessary support and resources.

Probable Cyber Attacks

For many manufacturers, becoming aware of probable cyber attacks requires a shift in mindset and how leadership perceives the business impact of cyber risk. This shift requires organizational change that broadens the scope of involvement across all levels of your organization and increases the focus on business risk, not just technology controls. The ability to shift priorities and allocate resources to mitigating probable threats creates clarity that enables business leaders to make better decisions and become better positioned to respond to sophisticated cyber attacks.

Building Trust With Borderless Network Security Services

With our support, you can continuously improve and maintain the security of your network. Our team of professionals can help you manage your borderless network security needs and establish a layered defense to protect critical business services.

As a trusted and dedicated extension of your outsourced or in-house IT team, we extend your account management capabilities, regulatory compliance, intrusion prevention, antivirus, threat analytics, and more.  Our borderless network security services will increase your ability to resist advances from cyber criminals, state actors, and malicious attackers that can significantly disrupt your business and supply chain.

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