With Certitude Security’s Borderless Network Security solutions, your network and data will be better protected from unwarranted access, maintaining the safety, usability and integrity of your systems. Your firewall is your first line of defense, serving as a barrier of protection between your trusted internal network and unauthorized external ones. This is where Certitude Security can support your IT team, building and maintaining the united threat firewalls that sort through traffic and block out unwanted intrusions, viruses and breaches. We’ll cover the security while you continue moving down the supply chain without costly interruptions.

Safe and sound with network security management

Network security is a system of practices designed to prevent and monitor user access and activity. It starts with authorizing users before they can access data within public and private networks, with the permissions granted and controlled by network administrators. Such protection is in place to identify and prevent threats before they can spread throughout the network and access proprietary information.

Build layers of defense

Network security controls several layers of defense around the perimeter of the network. That way, authorized users enter their login information for authorized access, while potential attackers will be blocked from viewing any personal information, confidential data or proprietary resources. The elements of comprehensive network security include:

Access controls

Factor authentication

Unified Threat Firewalls

Advanced Endpoint and antispyware software

Application security

Email security and email filtering

Mobile device security

Web protection

Wireless security

Virtual private network management

Backup and recovery

Firewalls in particular are a vital component of Borderless Network Security measures. Once a user is authenticated, these network security devices enforce the pre-programmed policies and security rules that indicate which elements of the network that specific user can access. By monitoring traffic as it comes and goes, firewalls can determine whether to allow or block users. 

Additional firewall capabilities can include intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus, cloud management, suspicious activity prevention and intelligent security automation.

Limit the vulnerabilities

Without the proper network security, companies are vulnerable to threats like adware, data theft, ransomware, spam, spyware, viruses and other attacks. When your team is constantly sharing data and files between departments and vendors, those threats will spread like wildfire.

More than that, network security also protects sensitive and confidential data – including employee, customer and company information – from malicious attackers. The impact of losing such data can include financial, reputation and regulatory hurdles that can hurt your bottom line for many years to come. In fact, the global average cost of a data breach is nearly $4 million. 

On the flipside, mitigating security risks can be critical to business operations. When networks, computer systems, control devices or other digital assets are running optimally with little to no downtime, you won’t have any production delays or productivity challenges. And rather than taking action when there’s an issue, improved network security management allows your IT team to be proactive in identifying potential risks before they become full-blown problems.

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With such high risk, the need to protect networks is a given for all manufacturers. However, many don’t have the IT resources required to uphold sophisticated levels of security. As the nature of networks grows in complexity, so do the security threats. Network administrators are faced with changing compliance regulations, as well as the lack of visibility that comes from limitations in Bring Your Own Device, remote access and high vulnerability points.

While the advanced technology is out there, in-house teams don’t always have the time and expertise to continuously implement new security solutions and maintain acceptable levels of protection. Working with a security team like Certitude Security provides manufacturers with enterprise-level network management services that enhance security architecture with the necessary support and resources.

For many manufacturers, becoming resistant to probable cyberattacks calls for a shift in mindset that changes how leadership perceives cyber risk and the potential impacts. This requires organizational change that deepens the scope of involvement at the top of the organization and instills focus on business risk, not just technology controls. What’s more, the ability to shift priorities and refocus investments on mitigating likely outcomes to prevent loss should be based on a broad understanding of attackers’ motives to reach high-value assets.

Trust Certitude Security’s Borderless Network Security services

With Certitude Security’s support, you can continuously improve and maintain your network security. Our team of experts can help you manage your Borderless Network Security needs, setting you up with stronger defenses to protect critical business services.

More than simple username-and-password network access control, Certitude Security is a dedicated extension of your service delivery IT department. With capabilities that extend to account management, regulatory compliance, intrusion prevention, antivirus, threat analytics and more, our top-notch Borderless Network Security will keep you safe from the cybercrime that can slow your supply chain down. 

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