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Your daily decisions impact the organization, and these actions either create value or liabilities.

Have you ever lost track of where time, money, and other resources are spent? 

Yes, you, me, and everybody.  

Everyone wants access to more money. This statement applies to personal earnings, company budgets, and business revenue. Your ability to access more capital directly relates to your creation of value or liabilities and how these outcomes impact cash flow and profitability for your organization.

Create Value

You are not creating value if your decisions and actions increase future losses and costs. You and your team cannot create value when you do not optimize staff time and attention to obtaining company objectives.

To help you solve these value creation problems, we introduce you to the SPOT-Beam™ intentions. These PDF products provide value to people and organizations that want to grow and protect their assets by investing in collaboration, planning, development, and achievement.    

Enhancing value creation starts with defining your Specific Points of Truth (SPOT), evaluating the impact of these future actions, and then acting on a narrow grouping (Beam) of resource allocations intended to maximize value and reduce liabilities. 

Similar Problems Exist

Similar collaboration, planning, development, and achievement problems exist across private and public organizations. Whether $10M, $200M, or $3B in revenue, it is the scale of the value and liabilities that the Specific Points of Truth represent.

With this knowledge, will you up-level to bring more value?     

If you build a reputation for creating value, you will gain access to more money. 

Conversely, if you develop a reputation for creating liabilities, your earnings, career, and self-image will take a hit.   


Each SPOT-Beam™ product supports value creation. The four products, in combination, create significant value in three months or less. These structures easily integrate into your existing processes to enhance results and value quickly. 

The following summaries highlight each product and link to the perspective details.

The CONTAIN template-guided collaboration process allows you to build an asset protection plan based on business impact to reduce the cost and duration of future loss events. Would you rather expand on success or contract on failure?

Direct your attention to CONTAIN

SPOT-Beam Contain

The SWOT Analysis Matrix is a strategic planning and management technique to help the organization identify internal strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities available, and potential threats.

Consider plans with SWOT

Swot Matrix

The Triple-Three Development Plan allows you to be SMARTER about pursuing and attaining goals to earn more and advance as you add value to the people around you and the organization you represent.

Create your goals with TTDP

SPOT-Beam Triple Three Development Plan

The Priorities Matrix supports your desire to make better choices between tasks of varying urgency and importance so you create value, feel good, and earn recognition.

Establish your PRIORITIES

SPOT-Beam Priorities Matrix

Prepare Differently

We protect select U.S. businesses from the injustice of criminal exploitation and misunderstandings that cause business disruption, negative cash flow, and customer trust issues.

Through proactively honest and safe debate, stakeholders can exercise due diligence with a shared purpose that reduces the cost and duration of future loss events. Collaboration informs decision-making to create outcomes of success and respect for all involved.

We help people bridge the gap between cyber risk and income statement decisions to reduce the impacts of danger and increase success.

Thank you for allowing us to assist you and your team in defining your Specific Points of Truth.

We’re excited that you are here. Let’s get started!

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