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Effectively converting business revenue into free cash flow defines the value of a business. How will you handle downtime events that consume your cash flow?

The construction industry is experiencing increased loss exposure, and your customers’ expectations are changing.

Criminals desire your physical and digital assets. Are your workflows adequately secured to execute your mission without substantial losses?

You cannot manage what you fail to measure. We desire to help you with awareness and action plans to secure your company from loss.

This unique Loss Avoidance Diagnostic for Leaders process benefits you and your business and funds educational opportunities for future leaders through the AGC of Ohio Education Foundation Scholarship. Whether you are cautious, curious, or interested, continue reading to understand how this service will help you.

Risk is the probability of a loss tied to an asset. To be uninformed is to be at the mercy of criminals.

Secure Your Assets 2021

Digital Awareness Quiz

Loss Avoidance Video Introduction for AGC of Ohio Members

Retrofit or Build Business Protections

If your business’s performance is dependent upon workflows that require data, this message is for you. After all, how can you hit your growth and profit targets when disruption impacts delivery and cost?

Criminals develop strategies and tactics to harm you and your business. Similar to stealing materials from job sites where thieves case your buildings looking for opportunities, cyber criminals also look for weaknesses and gaps in your data security. Are you investing capital wisely to resist loss events, or are you wasting money year after year?

Ransomware methods evolve because criminals continue to test the effectiveness of their strategies to maximize profitability and performance. Professional criminals rely on errors in judgment and low accountability to maximize efficiency and scale. Evaluating your systems and measuring execution to protect your business from changing digital threats is imperative.

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Plan your work and work your plan.

Increase Awareness

There is never a wrong time to take the right action. You are not alone as you worry about the financial and reputational impact of failing to fulfill your contractual commitments.

Companies sensitive to disrupted operations need an OSHA-type service to improve their data and workflows safety. Consistent safety and quality standards are essential in the field and within office processes.

Did you know that outsourcing your IT to a third party does not absolve your risk management responsibilities?

Think for a moment, who is trying to convince you that you are secure and protected from downtime? Are you feeling concerned or frustrated by the lack of valid proof to document progress over time?

Evaluate Action

The lack of awareness and inaction continues to cause financial loss events for AGC members, subcontractors, and suppliers. We feel it is an injustice to watch people being helpless at the hands of criminals.

We understand that data security is outside your skills and comfort zone, which is why we developed a simple three-step process. Adopting what we call to-trust-and-verify classifies unprotected workflows and data susceptible to loss events, such as ransomware.

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Project delivery involves variables that impact safety, quality, timeline, and budget.

The Action Plan

Here’s how we do it:

  • Drive: awareness and understanding to crush assumptions and inspire focused plans with the Loss Avoidance Diagnostic for Leaders.
    • Understand if your team is working toward the same loss prevention goals
    • Determine the need for rapid refocus by evaluating your critical workflows
    • Identify potential need for changes to reduce future disruption caused by ransomware loss events
  • Efficiency: informing decisions about future loss events with SPOT-Beam™ Contain. The pace of change is different for each leadership team based upon resources, probable loss, and risk tolerance. Analyzing and budgeting for risk means forecasting how much money your organization might lose from a given scenario over a given time frame.
  • Maintain Control with review: predefined frequency of reviewing the strategies and plans utilized to protect workflows with Inspectionem. We are measuring progress and encouraging responsible behaviors through visibility and accountability.
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Progress meetings allow parties to discuss and coordinate upcoming project activities, and they provide a forum where the parties can discuss project changes and concerns. This collective understanding should exist on projects and probable loss events.

Take Action

The historical views of data security in the construction industry are based upon assumptions and biases from prior experiences. Problems accumulate when operating with these distorted views.

Ownership and leadership can be considered negligent by voluntarily accepting the danger of probable loss and not taking reasonable care. These loss events negatively impact the company and its reputation.

How could I improve the decision-making process?

Loss Avoidance Diagnostic for Leaders focuses on a collective understanding of critical workflows and assets, shared knowledge and beliefs about data security, and the teams’ plans to resist actual loss events, such as ransomware.

Instead of wasting resources on a list of endless possibilities, we devote attention to probable loss events. Imagine the comfort of being informed.


Business disruption is a valid concern; based upon increased insurance claims continuing into 2023 and the fact that you know someone impacted by ransomware. We desire to help you with awareness and action plans to secure your company from loss.

The Loss Avoidance Diagnostic for Leaders benefits AGC members at a discounted price of only $1,900. The $1,000 fee is made payable to the AGC of Ohio Education Foundation Scholarship, and $900 payable to us. The diagnostic process can begin when both parties receive your remittances.

Once completed, the process will yield a responsible and straightforward action plan to secure your company from the magnitude of future losses.


The AGC of Ohio Education Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization designed to promote the construction industry by providing scholarships to students interested in pursuing careers in construction.

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Your Journey

Taking action eliminates stumbling around in the dark, waiting to be robbed. We stand ready to join you in your journey to retrofit or build adequate workflow protections based upon your pace of change to probable loss.

You can stop wasting capital, curb assumptions, and avoid incurring financial losses. Instead, operate with less stress and focus on your growth and profitability targets.

Our goal is to provide value to the leaders who take action with this exclusive offer for AGC of Ohio members and simultaneously give back to the community by funding AGC of Ohio scholarships.

Free Cash Flow Priority

Effectively converting business revenue into free cash flow defines the value of a business.

The difference between an investment and an expense is that an expense generates no future benefit, while an investment yields future benefits.

There is hope for better understanding and more effective action in the future. The best leaders avail themselves of wide-ranging information, listen to all their stakeholders, understand their role and impact, and exercise good judgment to achieve optimum outcomes.

These attributes are no less necessary in cybersecurity than in any other domain. If your downside exposure is substantial, we suggest exploring SPOT-Beam™ Contain.

You have a choice to get smarter with the facts or fund criminal businesses. What would you like to do?

Discuss your Loss Avoidance Diagnostic.