Are you okay? Everything makes sense in context.

We cannot see the pressure each of us carries. That is why it is essential to understand your situation, compliance requirements, and perspective.

Business disruption events cause stress for you and your customers. The disorder impacts stakeholders because the absence of basic cybersecurity practices allows interruption.

Downtime is instructive. Would you rather expand upon success or contract on failure?


Do you believe that your business is too small or not a target? Think about how your customers view you.

Disruption events occur swiftly, create liabilities, and have long-lasting effects on profitability and reputations.

When you fall over the edge into a crisis, recovery is expensive. Executives and their teams are not prepared for the chaos.

Introducing SPOT-Beam™

SPOT-Beam™ PDF templates effectively help you and your organization solve value-creation problems to grow and protect your organization’s assets.

SPOT-Beam™ Products

Contain Waste

How much money, energy, and time will you waste in future quarters?

Spending does not guarantee better protection of your assets and business.

You can change how you evaluate investments to support your operation and customers.

Your Success With Assistance

We don’t just care about the economic impact of U.S. businesses.
We care about you and the families you support.

Customer demands and rising input costs make any prolonged outage devastating. Business strategy planning must include cash flow planning and cybersecurity if you have a solid reputation or substantial assets.

With this guided process, you will discover where to invest in compliance, risk mitigation, and where to accept risk as you grow your business.

Understand - Adjust Efforts - Save Resources

You can limit business disruption and financial losses caused by asset exposure.

The criminal exploits of U.S. businesses continue to be an injustice.

Are you prepared?

The secure transition process will repurpose cash flow, energy, and time to improve the financial health of your organization.

Protect your business and future in 4 easy secure transition steps.



What problem are we trying to solve? Our first goal is to understand your needs and compliance requirements to determine if we can help you, not sell you something.

Outcome: Being Understood



Missing strategy? Time to get clear on your objectives, compliance needs, resource requirements, and the desired outcomes.

Outcome: Clarity



We have clear objectives, compliance requirements, a co-developed plan, collected and analyzed data – now it’s time to ensure execution is efficient and the process is transparent.

Outcome: Control



How does objective progress feel? We will reflect upon your journey and our accomplishments together as we continue to track the collective progress and monitor compliance.

Outcome: Confidence

Schedule Time For A Discussion

You have an important decision to make.

Are you the leader to grow and protect your business from loss events?

Review your aspirations and the implications.

During the breach response, the three common feelings are fear, anger, and regret.

How would learning today that your assets are compromised change your viewpoint about prevention? 

You cannot judge your security by how you feel, until it is too late.

The criminal exploits of U.S. businesses continue to be an injustice that angers us.

Are you prepared?

The secure transition process will repurpose cash flow, energy, and time to improve the financial health of your organization.

Alternatively, do you know what happens if you accept failure as your path forward? Competitors expand with your customers.

Reconsider the cost and consequence of inaction.

SPOT-Beam™ Products

These empowering services will mean more to you later.



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What Our Clients Are Saying

Josh Obenour

Working with the Certitude Security team is always a pleasure! They helped us find our IT vulnerabilities, when we thought...

Josh ObenourGeneral Manager of a business that specializes in the machining of low volume production components, custom machining and assembly fixturing. RiAlto Manufacturing, Inc.

Bob Wentz – Wyandot, Inc.

If you need guidance on security, data recovery, and/or detailed planning to focus resources, then Certitude Security is the team...

Bob WentzSr. V.P. Finance, Treasurer and CFO of the industry leader in snack food service and contract manufacturing.Wyandot, Inc.

Mike Whitson – Tracir Financial Services, Inc.

Certitude Security helps us fight cyber crime, protect our data, and reduce our risk.

Mike WhitsonCTO for a subprime, indirect automotive finance company across nine states.Tracir Financial Services, Inc.

Mike O’Ryan – Kirk Williams Company

Certitude Security policies and data protection systems that are in place have eliminated downtime, drastically reduced our business risk, and...

Mike O'RyanController of a multistate specialty fabricator, mechanical contractor and mechanical services company.Kirk Williams Company

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