The manufacturing industry is experiencing a major transformation, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Recent innovations in embedded technologies, cloud computing and artificial intelligence have allowed for greater supply chain automation and significant productivity gains, but they’ve also introduced new complexities into the cybersecurity landscape. 

While the benefits have largely outweighed the operational challenges, manufacturers have had to ramp up their information technology infrastructures and data security investments to keep pace with emerging cyber threats. This has forced many small and medium-sized companies to partner with external IT service providers who do not always deliver on their promises, which is where Certitude Security can help.

The Certitude Security Advantage

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At Certitude Security, we believe that enterprise cybersecurity shouldn’t be limited to manufacturers with enterprise budgets. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of IT security experts who specialize in the deep assessment and analysis of manufacturing supply chains, and we’ve equipped them with the enterprise-level tools your company needs to protect its bottom line. Our proven process allows us to prioritize the cyber threats with the highest business impact, ensuring your critical assets are safeguarded from malicious exploitation.

Certitude Security works with manufacturing companies of all shapes and sizes to verify the cybersecurity practices of internal and external IT teams with a focus on threat assessment, data protection and vulnerability management.

If your company outsources its IT management and security, we will ensure your provider is upholding best practices and delivering the full-spectrum service you’re paying for.

Certitude Security also collaborates with in-house IT personnel to apply incremental security fixes and bridge the gap between your organization’s tech-focused professionals and its business leaders, helping to efficiently allocate your resources. 

Lowell Bowdle, CEO of Certitude Security, is a known IT and security thought leader with 25 years of experience in cybersecurity and IT consulting in manufacturing, construction and distribution. This expertise enables us to anticipate your specific operational needs and mitigate the cyber threats that your IT team may have overlooked.

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Our Core Values

We improve our clients’ lives and businesses.

We listen, we care, we serve.

We anticipate and respond to our clients’ needs with urgency and purpose.

We follow through with our commitments.

We check our egos, drama, and distractions at the door.

We practice open communication and believe in the value of collaboration.

We face challenges through the lens of opportunity and growth.

We embrace learning and developing new skillsets.

We respect our teammates and will hold each other accountable for results.

Personalized service

Certitude is committed to improving manufacturers’ cybersecurity posture and expanding their incident detection and response processes, which is why we take the time to understand the unique needs of every client. When new vulnerabilities or security incidents are identified, our IT specialists respond with urgency and purpose.

Responsive communication

Active collaboration is a key tenet of our approach, as it allows us to align our cybersecurity services with the specific goals of each client. We believe that open and direct communication creates a mutual understanding between IT professionals and business leaders, which ensures all parties are working toward a shared objective.

Professional integrity

Certitude is able to provide manufacturing companies with enterprise-level capabilities by holding our team accountable for positive results. We follow through with our commitments and constantly strive to enhance our cybersecurity offerings.

Constant innovation

Our security experts approach every challenge through the lens of opportunity and growth. This perspective fuels our continued innovation and helps us develop new skill sets that will contribute to your company’s long-term success. 

Certitude Security cyber threat assessment services help your business save time & money as well as improve IT efficiency. Learn more about our benefits here!