Prepare Differently

We protect select U.S. businesses from the injustice of criminal exploitation and misunderstandings that cause business disruption, negative cash flow, and customer trust issues.

Through proactively honest and safe debate, stakeholders can exercise due diligence with a shared purpose that reduces the cost and duration of future loss events. Collaboration informs decision-making to create outcomes of success and respect for all involved.

We help people bridge the gap between cyber risk and income statement decisions to reduce the impacts of danger and increase success.

Your Revenue, Cash Flow, and Profit

How do you make money, and what effort is needed to identify weaknesses and threats that could restrict you from executing your strategy?

Decisions driven by knowledge are superior to those induced by fear.

Developing and leveraging resources to achieve results is core to business success, just as misaligned investments are often wasteful.

Impact and Duration of Loss Events

No one sees business disruption coming. When it happens, leaders are not prepared.

That is why prudent leadership teams embrace their responsibility for building trust. The competitive advantage of responsibly developed and well-defined strategic plans is that adopters outperform peers who fail to execute.

We focus on the most important to you, as co-developed strategies and security plans reduce the impact and duration of loss events. 

Understand - Adjust Efforts - Reallocate Resources

You can limit business disruption and financial losses caused by asset exposure.

The criminal exploits of U.S. businesses continue to be an injustice.

Are you prepared?

The secure transition process will repurpose cash flow, energy, and time to improve the financial health of your organization.

Your Advantage With SPOT-Beam™

Clarity provides accountability and predictability.

Your daily decisions impact the organization.

Enhancing value creation starts with defining your Specific Points of Truth (SPOT), evaluating the impact of these future actions, and then acting on a narrow grouping (Beam) of resource allocations intended to maximize value and reduce liabilities.

The documented truth provided by the SPOT-Beam™ process allows executives to better direct resources (capital, time, people) confidently. The planning process laser cuts years of assumptions as confidential discussions increase shared knowledge.

It is true; you don’t know what you don’t know.

SPOT-Beam™ is a trust-building verification process that allows boards and executive leadership to determine risk and reward improvements based on probable loss, cash flow, and the desired pace of change.

This proven process allows you to prioritize cyber threats with the highest business impact, safeguarding your critical assets and reputation from malicious exploitation.

Shared Understanding

Work disruption incidents can severely impact business processes and leave organizations without the data to operate and deliver mission-critical services.

Shared knowledge is a force multiplier and the first step to reducing the impact and duration of loss events.

Then resources are allocated to vital asset protection priorities that strengthen your workflows and customers’ trust.

Reduce the cost and duration of loss events to keep your business profitable.

Certitude Security® works with scaling and mid-market leadership teams to co-develop security strategies to protect and grow your business.

In a similar manner in which forecasts can be inaccurate, so is your understanding of loss exposure. Your path to success and profitability includes isolating assets to maintain operational stability. 

This knowledge enables leadership teams to make more effective decisions and focus resources on probable threats to assets that are likely to cause loss.

Lowell Bowdle, CEO of Certitude Security®, is a cybersecurity collaborator with over twenty years of experience in security and IT consulting for the operational reliability and compliance. His expertise and perspective enable us to focus on your operational needs to mitigate the cyber threats others overlooked.

If you are interested in learning more, our Origin and Values articles should be enlightening.

Lowell Min

Consider the cost and consequence of inaction.

Evaluate Your Options

Our Purpose: Protecting select U.S. businesses from the injustice of criminal exploitation or misunderstandings that cause business disruption, negative cash flow, and customer trust issues.

Oath of Service

Following in consequence of our dedication to protecting supply chains from injustice, we promise and swear to keep, to the best of our ability and judgment, the following oath:

Observe and practice every acknowledged rule of professional conduct concerning our profession, clients, colleagues, and selves.

Keep an open mind regarding the progress of my profession.

Serve our clients to the best of our ability, violating neither confidence nor dignity. In our association with clients, I shall not violate morals and rights.

Regard and refer to our fellow collaborators with respect and give credit where it is due.

Improve our knowledge and skill, and be firm in our resolution to justify the responsibility that consultants and advisors symbolize and impose.

To not diverge from the truth.

We pledge to all this, knowing the dictates of reason alone prescribe these ideals.

Guiding Core Values

Improve our clients’ lives and businesses.

Listen, care, and serve our clients’ needs with urgency and purpose.

Follow through with our commitments.

Practice open communication and believe in the value of collaboration.

Embrace learning and developing new skillsets to create greater value.

Respect our teammates and hold each other accountable for results.

The cyber security services of Certitude Security® will help you save time and money protecting assets and workflows. We are here to help you with questions or specific issues!