Essential to manufacturers, we help you prevent and detect cyber threats and respond to events to minimize business disruption and financial losses. Praise be to God.

Manufacturers are facing the challenge of implementing digital services and data analytics into their operational systems. Integrated systems not only expose you to your cybersecurity and technological weaknesses but also to other participants, including their customers, suppliers, and managed service providers.

Prudent leadership teams embrace their responsibility for promoting cybersecurity and digital trust. The competitive advantage of embracing this responsibility is being developed with well-defined strategic plans, as adopters outperform their peers that fail to execute due to ambiguity from missing action plans, policies, and procedures.

We co-develop comprehensive strategies and security plans customized to your business needs and focused on what matters most to you. This typically includes prioritizing risks and responses to reduce the likelihood that cybercriminals will breach your systems and cause financial loss to your business.

These plans are simple, user-friendly living documents that offer greater visibility into your cyber exposure and business risks from probable attack vectors.

The Certitude Security® Advantage

Clarity provides accountability and predictability.

Inspectionem℠ provides accountability and predictability.

A great starting point for team awareness is Inspectionem℠. This confidential business process discussion begins to peel the onion as we eliminate assumptions and clarify what is most important in the operation of your business.

Once leadership and IT management understand that we utilize a multi-stakeholder shared purpose approach, openness and engagement improve.

The underlying truth provided by Inspectionem℠ allows executives to better direct resources (capital, time, people) with confidence because the planning process laser cuts years of assumptions as confidential discussions increase shared knowledge.

It is true; you don’t know what you don’t know. Inspectionem℠ is a trust-building verification process that allows boards and executive leadership to determine risk and reward improvements based on probable loss, cash flow, and the desired pace of change.

Necessary cyber security should be available to all manufacturers and not just those with enterprise budgets. That’s why we designed a process that scales to the depth of requirements needed for each organization. Our proven process allows you to prioritize cyber threats with the highest business impact, safeguarding your critical assets from malicious exploitation.

Bottom Line

Certitude Security® works with scaling and mid-market manufacturing companies to co-develop security strategies, assess the business impact of cyber risk, verify the cybersecurity practices of internal and outsourced IT teams, and help protect sensitive data and critical workflows.

If your company outsources its IT management or security, we provide oversight to ensure your provider is upholding their best practices and delivering the services in which you’ve contracted.

If you have internal IT staff, we collaborate with team members to prioritize security remediation and bridge the gap between your organization’s technology practices and business priorities.  This enables your leadership team to make more effective decisions and focus resources on probable threats that are likely to cause loss.

Lowell Bowdle, CEO of Certitude Security®, is a known cybersecurity thought leader with 25 years of experience related to security and IT consulting for manufacturing, construction, and distribution industries. His leadership and expertise enable us to anticipate your specific operational needs and mitigate the cyber threats others have overlooked.

If you are interested in learning more, our Origin and Values articles should be enlightening.

Lowell Min

Our Core Values

We improve our clients’ lives and businesses.

We listen, we care, we serve.

We anticipate and respond to our clients’ needs with urgency and purpose.

We follow through with our commitments.

We check our egos, drama, and distractions at the door.

We practice open communication and believe in the value of collaboration.

We face challenges through the lens of opportunity and growth.

We embrace learning and developing new skillsets.

We respect our teammates and will hold each other accountable for results.

Personalized Service

Are you struggling to protect your manufacturing business from cyber threats and business interruption? The manufacturing industry is evolving with Industrial IoT, SMART Manufacturing, and Industry 4.0 initiatives. We understand it can be confusing and difficult to get started. Many providers want to sell you software and services that you may not need at an enterprise price.

We will take the time to understand the unique needs and business priorities of every client. We co-develop a security strategy that aligns with your business needs and provides a scalable approach that meets your budget goals. We listen, we care, we serve.

Responsive Communication

Active collaboration is fundamental in our approach, as it allows us to align our cybersecurity services with the strategies and goals of your business. We believe that open and direct communication builds mutual understanding and increases shared knowledge between business leaders and IT professionals. This allows us to improve the lives and businesses of our clients.

Professional Integrity

We provide scaling and mid-sized manufacturing companies enterprise-level cybersecurity capabilities by aligning with your business strategy and holding our team accountable for positive results. We are committed to protecting manufactures from injustice.

Constant Innovation

Automation and connectivity are changing how businesses and supply chains operate and allow new risks to occur with these changes. Cyber threats are always evolving, and so should the protection you trust for your business. This perspective fuels our continuous improvement mindset and empowers us to develop new skill sets that contribute to your company’s long-term success. We approach challenges through the lens of opportunity and growth.

Certitude Security® cyber security assessment services can help your business save time and money while protecting production workflows. Learn more about our benefits here!