Reducing the impact and duration of your loss events.

Leadership teams stress and struggle to contain lost revenue and expenses from exploited weaknesses. Without access to useful information, how can you make informed risk decisions?

Certitude Security® is a provider of essential cyber security strategies and services.

We care about the vision of your future self to survive attacks and thrive. Let’s protect your assets.

Providing useful information so you can make informed risk decisions.



When left unchecked, the intentions of IT companies become unfulfilled tasks that expose your business...

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Discuss Problem

Discuss a Problem

Will solving this problem or making a better decision create value for the business or...

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Analysis And Assessment

Analysis & Assessments

Risk analysis and cyber security threat assessments are crucial to understanding the business impact of...

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Security Framework Icon

Security Frameworks

To protect your business, you need to understand your operation’s threats and how to reduce...

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It Policies And Controls Icon

IT Policies and Controls

A written security program is one of the most crucial cybersecurity resources for U.

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Vulnerabillity Managment

Vulnerability Management

In cybersecurity, a vulnerability is a weakness that can be exploited by a threat actor.

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Perimeter Security Icon

Borderless Network Security

How can you continuously improve and maintain your network security to protect critical business services?  ...

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Incident Detection And Response Icon

Incident Detection and Response

Don’t have time to focus on day-to-day data security operations? You have incident detection and...

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Data Backup And Recovery

Data Backup and Recovery

Are you at risk of losing your data and being unable to recover it in...

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Media Protection

A lack of visibility into data destruction can open your business to various potential risks,...

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