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Business disruption events are not the time to discover gaps in expectations for the work performed by your outsourced IT company. You need a verification process to locate, and correct problems before liabilities from loss events impact your revenue and reputation. That process is called Inspectionem℠ vendor verification.

Are you paying for low-value IT services that fail to meet your requirements for protecting and supporting your business?

The liabilities from downtime events disrupt your business and customers. You lack the insights to objectively review the managed service provider (MSP). They know this and will commonly take shortcuts that cost you more money.

How exposed are you?

Inspectionem℠ vendor verification is the careful evaluation of your outsourced IT company compared to the written terms of your agreement. The primary objective of the Inspectionem℠  vendor verification process is to determine if your requirements are being met and prevent avoidable problems from causing business disruption.

What will the next downtime event cost you?

Most people have a gut feeling that something is off. Locating and correcting problems before loss events occur may or may not be essential for your business. If you rely on outsourced IT and cannot be down for days or weeks, then there is value in this vendor verification process.

This process includes a statement of work review, evidence gathering, a written summary of findings, and a web conference discussion.

One agreement, up to seven reviewed samples, one written summary, and one web conference: $900

Up to two agreements, up to fourteen reviewed examples, one written summary, and one web conference: $1,575

Up to three agreements, up to thirty reviewed instances, one written summary, and one web conference: $2,225