Businesses of all sizes and operating in all industries experience incidents of data loss. Deleted files that result from physically damaged equipment or a misstep caused by human error can lead to significant downtime, causing the business to miss out on valuable opportunities. A data recovery service like Certitude Security can provide reinforcements when your business needs them the most. Find out more about how our data recovery specialists can handle and mitigate whatever data loss scenario threatens your company.

What you can get from our data recovery service

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When you work with a data recovery company, you can protect your most critical data to reduce loss, downtime and their associated costs. As you develop real-time access to data, your business can maintain necessary compliance measures while having the ability to bounce back after being exposed to a risk.

Certitude Security has a skilled team of data recovery experts that have a proven record of successfully returning your information exactly where it was before the incident. We know how important it is to keep your data secure while keeping your business up and running. That’s why we’ve developed a systematic approach to store and recover your data as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We provide simple file restores after you’ve lost information due to hardware and software updates or bugs. Our data recovery process can even return corrupt data to its proper state before your storage device was compromised.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that a data recovery service needs to be in place before disaster strikes. Without a preemptive recovery solution, data that is lost may not be recoverable. A cautious, proactive approach is essential for securing data against the threat of loss.

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The cost of data recovery

When it comes to keeping your information secure, price should not be a primary concern. The costs associated with resulting loss and downtime are much more significant than the amounts you’ll pay to keep your information safe from risks.

There are several ways businesses lose data. Sometimes, mistakes in their technologies cause certain pieces of information to fall through the cracks. Other times, hackers manage to get their way into companies’ strongholds, either taking data for their own malicious uses or stripping the business of its resources. The following represents the most common causes of data loss in descending order:

  • Hardware malfunction
  • Human error
  • Software manipulation
  • Computer virus
  • Natural disaster

The average cost of a data breach in 2018 was $3.86 million, up 6% from the previous year. The average cost was $148 for each record during this timeframe. The U.S. is the country that experiences the largest number of data breaches, followed closely by Canada and Germany. What’s more, the mean amount of time it takes for companies to realize that they’ve experienced a loss or breach in data is 197 days. With the right data breach and recovery capabilities, businesses that have contained their breach within 30 days saved more than $1 million dollars when compared to companies that took longer than 30 days to intervene.

How long it takes to recover data

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After your business has been compromised and lost a good deal of data, you might be wondering how long it takes to get it back. Depending on the amount of data lost – and the complexity of the information you will need us to recover – the process should take anywhere between two and five days. A data recovery technician will diagnose the approximate timeframe it will take to work through your specific loss case after you’ve assigned the task to an exemplary data backup and recovery company such as Certitude Security.

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