How will business disruption impact your reputation and job security? 

You and your budgets are under pressure, so each decision challenges you to prioritize uncertainty and consequences. Security gaps need improvement, yet the planning and budgeting process is flawed.

You are in a difficult position to make careful decisions about where to cut, but at what cost?

Are you tired of trying to convince senior leadership?

You are expected to secure critical business information, yet no one truly listens when you raise concerns. Little action is taken, leaving you and the company exposed.

During disruption events, everyone second guesses your actions and questions you to justify the outage.

Are you open to a different approach to communicating concerns and gaining respect?

Priority Matrix For IT professionals supporting profitable U.S. businesses who are dissatisfied with the planning and budgeting process to secure critical business assets, SPOT-Beam Contain is a PDF template-guided collaboration process that provides the structure for executive understanding, value creation, and agreement to allocate limited resources. 

Developing a shared understanding of the critical business assets and having management define acceptable loss is essential to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Efforts and funding align when technical and business stakeholders in your company work toward outcome-based goals.

Would you rather expand on success or contract on failure?

The key is communicating how business disruption will impact revenue and profitability.

Unlike current methods that stimulate misunderstanding, disagreement, and inaction to avoidable cyber loss events. You can continue business as usual to experience the emotional beat down or take action to build value and your reputation.

This process will transform how you seek resources to protect your company.

You Decide

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