Protect your business and reputation during uncertainty.

No one takes pride in being second guessed when downtime events cripple your organization. You know security measures need improvement, yet business assets remain exposed.

The proven way to contain lost revenue and expenses caused by exploited cybersecurity weaknesses is to take decisive action before criminals expose you.

Who needs SPOT-Beam Contain?

For business and technical leadership teams that have financial and reputational incentives to operate with limited disruption because their customers demand reliability. Who are dissatisfied with the current planning and budgeting process to prioritize and allocate limited resources to protect essential income statement activities.

SPOT-Beam Contain is a disciplined PDF guided process for business and technical leadership to recognize and isolate probable security liabilities to reduce the cost and duration of future loss events.

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Why devote time to this problem?

Maintaining a clear attainable path to increase free cash flow is increasingly important as you invest retained and borrowed capital for growth.

During scenario planning and optimizing resources, your agenda will change when revenue quickly declines and expenses drastically increase from business disruption caused by criminal exploitation. Can you recover in 21 hours, days, or weeks?

SPOT-Beam Contain provides a collaborative process for stakeholders to evaluate how cyber risk and cybersecurity investments map to the income statement through loss event scenarios. Unlike the current process that creates frustration and inaction, you will build trust with transparency and collaboration.

Do you consider a week of downtime a headache or a deep laceration requiring immediate attention?

Investing $1,500 to avoid a headache may not be urgent. Still, you would likely trade a small investment to limit the cost of business disruption if a week of downtime would dramatically impact your reputation and income statement.   

If uptime and reliability are necessary to you and your customers, then understanding your specific points of truth is essential to reducing expenses. Proactive honesty and actionable plans inform better judgments of value and its comparability to other investments.

What difference would that make?  

You know that events force action. The longer you wait, the more exposure to downtime compounds.

Would you rather expand on success or contract on failure?

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How will business disruption impact your revenue and profitability? 

Often misunderstood and mistakenly assumed to be another person’s problem within your leadership team, the financial losses from disruption flow through to you.

Without the minimum viable protections, how much money are you willing to lose?

Substantial business disruption events can last weeks or months. The financial implications of this circumstances quickly become unimaginable and stressful.

  • Lost sales due to system outages
  • Increased working capital requirements
  • Lower staff productivity due to outages
  • Overhead and remediation expenses from security breaches
  • Wasting senior management’s time and attention when major security breaches occur
  • Reduced market demand for your products and services due to reliability concerns


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Would you rather expand on success or contract on failure?

The key is knowing how business disruption will impact revenue and profitability. Unlike current methods that stimulate misunderstanding, disagreement, inaction, and liabilities regarding data security and recovery.

This process will transform how resources are allocated to protect your business and reputation. Those who prioritize proactive measures based on business impact, keep more profits.

Are the costs of downtime adequate motivation?

Your leadership is pivotal.

You set and reiterate the vision, develop the team, and grow revenue to not run out of money. This importance also means that your role and mindset are pivotal to limiting disruption and crisis.

If you see the value of reduced business disruption, let’s collaborate to support your vision of value creation. You can make this small investment for these substantial benefits to lead your company forward.

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