SPOT-Beam™ Contain Template Pack

Spot Beam Contain Template

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Product description

Welcome to your template-guided collaboration process to build value by reducing the cost and duration of future loss events. Business assets remain exposed because business and technical leadership disagree on addressing future loss events. Disruption events occur swiftly, create liabilities, and have long-lasting effects on profitability and reputation.

Leadership teams often struggle with practical and collaborative business impact-based decision-making. Resources are limited, so downtime, data loss, and insufficient recovery contingencies drive operational exposure to liabilities. The SPOT-Beam™ Contain template pack supports your need to reduce the cost and duration of future loss events.

Whether driven by promises, principles, or capacity challenges, this structured process will help the team see the business impact of cyber risk differently. Most, if not all, of the knowledge needed to make more informed business risk decisions is held within your ability to discern value and liabilities.

This empowerment process allows team members to extract and assemble relevant information to enhance value through efficient decisions with time, capital, and other resources.

Commitment to your success:

  • – To ease adoption into your current processes and eliminate regrets from non-use, we’ve included up to three 45-minute remote sessions with your team in the first 60 days of purchase. That’s right; devoted time to deliver value quickly with no additional investment.
  • – If you purchase the monthly subscription option, you will also receive one 30-minute meeting monthly to assist with challenges or questions discovered during your SPOT-Beam™ Contain eye-opening journey.

Thank you for allowing us to assist you and your team in creating an asset protection plan based on business impact to reduce the cost and duration of future loss events.

We’re excited that you are here now. Let’s get started!