Endpoint Protection (EPP) – Managed Server

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$30.00 / Months For 12 Months

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Product description

Minimizing the impact of disruption is imperative to the profitability of your business.

EPP replaces the basic prevention solutions like anti-virus and anti-malware. This advanced EPP also leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase the ability to thwart unknown or zero-day attacks and fileless attacks that don’t leave signature-based footprints.

Includes console access for internal IT, x64 and x86 MSI and Exe installers.

The managed option means we perform those EPP actions in batches for your business. This service does not include any remediation or data recovery.

If you are looking for XDR-level capabilities for additional context, including attribution, malware families, indicators of compromise (IOCs), and TTPs mapped to MITRE ATT&CK, to support proactive threat hunting and generate advanced queries, please coordinate a time for a conversation.