SPOT-Beam™ Priorities Matrix

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Product description

Your ability to create value hinges on meaningful weekly contributions. To create self-fulfillment, job satisfaction, and wealth, you must evaluate choices between tasks of varying levels of urgency and importance. The SPOT-Beam™ Priorities Matrix supports your ambitions to create value, feel good, and earn more rewards.

As you use the Priorities Matrix weekly, you will focus on eliminating non-essential and non-urgent time wasters from your schedule. This structure supports discipline and will allow more weekly time for essential non-urgent work.

Management and your peers notice and discuss your achievements. You gain additional responsibilities and compensation as you continue to excel and build your reputation.

Alternatively, you can remain focused on pressing deadlines independent of their objective consequences. You have the freedom of choice.

The Priorities Matrix is available as a per-user or a single-company, single-site usage license. The integrity and honor system applies.