The scaling of fitness culminates from the accumulation of events, good or bad. This article highlights the correlations between fitness for personal wellness and cybersecurity health for an organization. During this short read, you will discover a key to fitness that is simple and goal-oriented. Let us begin!

You exercise one day and look in the mirror; nothing changes. You work out the next day, look in the mirror, and nothing changes. The outcome of the work is not observable, cannot be measured, it is not effective, so you quit.

Or if you believe that exercise is fundamentally the right course of action and commit to regular exertion, progress occurs. There will come a day when you can see your fitness improving.

Like exercise, cybersecurity is much easier to prove over time. It is not random intense events. Instead, it is consistency. What does a 20-minute workout one day do for you? Nothing unless you do it consistently.

Scrabble tiles showing arrows lined up pointing in the same direction.How did the tortoise emerge victorious over the hare? By consistently moving forward.

We often treat cybersecurity with intensity due to loss events. You buy a new device or application or push out training once a month and say we are secure now. Right? Occasional acts do not build sustainable security or trust.

In isolation, many of those activities appear pointless. Those actions may be positive in learning new lessons, but the daily practice of all the monotonous, boring things matters the most.

You begin to see progress when you commit to the consistency of action, such as log review, scan review, patching, and reporting. It’s doing the right things over and over when security improves.

Yes, you will have off days. That is ok. Do not let the off days pull you away from your goals.

The scaling of security culminates from the accumulation of events, good or bad. There is no one event where you become secure. Conversely, there are single events like ransomware when you quickly realize your weaknesses.

A team of professionals standing around a table covered in charts, pointing at a bar chart.What are the current issues preventing you from reaching your security fitness goals?

Similar to your fitness goals, your business has operational requirements and targets. When you define the critical functions and processes with those responsible and accountable, you can create meaningful routines to reduce the cost and duration of loss events.

Whether you need to build upon current requirements or create repeatable processes, we are here to assist you with your security fitness goals. To make a plan based on business impact, visit SPOT-Beam Contain or the Shop to evaluate the cost-benefit.

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