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Business leader takes charge of cyber security.

The Importance Of Cyber Security In Business

Responsibilities have moved to the board room because data breach factors that impact your bottom line are not limited to revenue loss, damage to reputation, or loss of Intellectual Property.

Digital hand reaches out from a compromised laptop.

What is Social Engineering?

Given the financial losses due to the volume of social engineering attacks annually, you should know how useful your security training is and the key to modifying human behavior and critical to improving training effectiveness.

Cybersecurity professional conducts a blue team assessment.

What Are Blue Teams and Blue Team Exercises?

Blue teams are responsible for monitoring, detecting, and reacting to security threats. Click here to learn more about blue teams.

Business leader conducts a red team exercise.

What Are Red Teams and Why Conduct Exercises?

Valuable and objective insights about the existence of vulnerabilities, efficacy of defenses, and mitigating controls for the U.S. manufacturing industry. Click here to learn more about Red teams.

Supply chain professional creates a flow map.

How Third-Party Risks Impact the Supply Chain

A systematic approach to third-party risk management is needed for more effective supply chain management. Click here to learn more about third-party risk.

Supply chain professional interacts with a digital display.

15 Misconceptions About Supply Chain Cybersecurity

Comments or concerns regarding cybersecurity can often be myths or misconceptions. This helps explain why inaccurate conclusions and misconceptions about cybersecurity are common contributors to disruption within supply chains.

Capital building.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (aka CMMC)

CMMC aims to become a verification mechanism for protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and establishing cybersecurity controls on Defense Industrial Base (DIB).