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Manufacturing Industry Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity For The Manufacturing Industry

Supply chain dependencies continue to impact production. Labor and material shortages are not the only pressure; cybersecurity in the manufacturing industry must evolve because the future of manufacturing will include supply chain risk. Read and share this article.

Spend money budget, hand opening tap.

Why Waste Money Time And Energy Each Quarter

Each day, we make decisions about money, time, and energy that flow down the drain. Without a stopper in place, we can struggle to evaluate and measure consumption effectively. These recurring leaks in cash flow lead to wasteful spending habits each quarter. Read and share this article.

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When Does Later Becomes Too Late

New records in both issuance volume and proceeds, criminal enterprises are cashing in on private and public companies. How will these board-level disappointments impact you? Read and share this article.

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Budget Preparations Insights For CFOs

As CFO, will your priorities and budgets account for conflict and hidden problems? Industry warnings preface the future and your next step. How will you reconcile fiduciary duties with cost containment moving forward? Read and share this article.

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Effectiveness – Let Me Get This Straight

The tendency to pursue urgency over importance continues at the detriment of effectiveness. Learn why output, value, and impact suffer.

Cybersecurity expert hunts for cyber threats hidden in private networks.

What is Threat Hunting in Cyber Security?

Antivirus software and firewalls do not protect your systems 100%. Actively searching for advanced persistent threats shines a light on criminals lurking in the darkness. Continue reading.

Business executive develops a strategic business plan.

How Can Insights From Inspectionem℠ Help Us?

A lack of accountability and care is causing problems for businesses. Here’s how to diminish risk and prevent disruptions, waste, and fraud.