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Intellectual Property Protections

The theft of vital or sensitive business secrets occurs daily. Protecting intellectual property should be one of your top priorities to ensure competitive advantage.

3D printer creating a manufacturing component

3D Printing in U.S. Manufacturing

3D printing or additive manufacturing has become popular in recent years, and many security experts have begun to express their concerns.

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What is Social Engineering?

Given the financial losses due to the volume of social engineering attacks annually, you should know how useful your security training is at modifying human behavior, which is critical to improving training effectiveness.

Supply chain professional interacts with a digital display.

15 Misconceptions About Supply Chain Cybersecurity

Comments or concerns regarding cybersecurity can often be myths or misconceptions. This article explains why inaccurate conclusions and misconceptions about cybersecurity are common contributors to disruption within supply chains.

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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (aka CMMC)

CMMC aims to become a verification mechanism for protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and establishing cybersecurity controls on Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

The risk of supply chain cybersecurity threats

The risk of supply chain cybersecurity threats

Supply chains are a primary target for cyber-attackers, so how do manufacturers go about implementing protective measures to mitigate supply chain risk? Let’s find out.

Binder of IT security policies sit on a cluttered desk

What to Include in a Written IT Security Policy

Business leaders must reassess their information security requirements and management processes as modern cyber threats grow in frequency and sophistication. Many companies focus on integrating advanced cybersecurity tools and third-party services. However, it’s essential to recognize the vital role written IT security policies play in protecting digital assets and sensitive data. These guiding documents help…
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Why It’s Important to Have Information Security Standards

As companies worldwide continue to ramp up their data collection, storage, and analysis capabilities, the risk of large-scale cybersecurity incidents grows increasingly severe. Modern cyber criminals utilize various hacking techniques to gain access to critical infrastructure and sensitive data stores, capitalizing on network vulnerabilities, human error, and lackluster IT security frameworks. Organizations that take a…
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