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Scattered Spider Cybercriminals

Scattered Spider is a cybercriminal group that targets large companies and their contracted information technology (IT) help desks with social engineering for data theft and extortion.


CISA Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence

AI and previous generations of software not built secure by design places the burden of cybersecurity on the customer.


Secure AI system development guidelines

The document recommends guidelines for providers of any systems that use artificial intelligence (AI), whether those systems have been created from scratch or built on top of tools and services provided by others.


Stop Ransomware Guide

Ransomware and associated data breach incidents can severely impact business processes, leaving organizations unable to access necessary data to operate and deliver services.


Effective Decentralized Finance Framework

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) empowers consumers and businesses to use financial services cost-efficiently and independently.


Ransomware Data Destruction Trends

The FBI noted two trends emerging across the ransomware environment and released this notification for industry awareness. These new trends included multiple ransomware attacks on the same victim in close date proximity and new data destruction tactics in ransomware attacks.


China Linked Cyber Actors In Routers

BlackTech has demonstrated capabilities in modifying Cisco router firmware without detection and exploiting domain-trust relationships in routers for pivoting from international subsidiaries to headquarters in Japan and the United States.


Top Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities

This advisory provides details on the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) routinely and frequently exploited by malicious cyber actors in 2022 and the associated Common Weakness Enumeration(s) (CWE).

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Understanding LockBit

Since January 2020, affiliates using LockBit have attacked organizations of varying sizes across an array of critical infrastructure sectors, including financial services, food and agriculture, education, energy, government, emergency services, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation.