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Digital Supply Chain

A digital supply chain creates real-time insights into the operation. This visibility can help identify areas for improvement and help businesses automate or eliminate inefficient processes.

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Strategic Technology Trends Gartner 2023

Many business leaders are eyeing the threat of recession, managing the impact of persistent inflation, and dealing with crises in supply chains, energy sourcing, and digital skills.

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Measuring Asset Risk

A lack of understanding and misplaced assumptions often rob construction industry executives of sleep and profits. You will not successfully deliver construction projects without managing timelines, budgets, quality, and asset risk.

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Manufacturing Executive Anxiety: Cyber Risk Explained

Recent history continues to prove that no industry is immune to cyberattacks. Insufficient protection against cyber threats can result in numerous adverse outcomes. As manufacturers direct resources to address affected aspects of their operations, other business areas are neglected that require ongoing maintenance.

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Manufacturing Insights: Cyber Risk Expectations Versus Reality

Meeting budget requires the consistent production of quality products, shipped accurately, and delivered on time. The order intake and orders invoiced are vital oxygen. Simultaneously, cybercrime organizations are planning to separate you from your capital, your reputation, and your customers. If they can make you beg, they know you will give them more money. Viable manufacturers are taking proactive measures to understand these cyber threats and coordinate effective countermeasures to avoid probable loss events.