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Minimizing Disruption Featured

Minimizing Disruption

The manufacturing industry is one of the pillars of the U.S. economy, meaning supply chain disruptions often have a rippling effect on other businesses, vendors, suppliers and third parties. COVID-19 is just one example of how global crises and uncertainty can directly impact manufacturing operations from end to end, which is why companies should focus on supply chain risk planning. Learn more about the current manufacturing landscape and how Certitude Security can help your firm develop a security strategy to minimize downtime and financial loss.

Business Disruption Featured

Business Disruption and Financial Consequences

The coronavirus pandemic has been a wake-up call for the manufacturing industry, leading many firms to consider reshoring their operations to the U.S. and sourcing from domestic suppliers. This moment in history represents both a major risk and an opportunity for manufacturers to future-proof their operations and build in more robust cybersecurity protections. Discover how Certitude Security can help your company maximize visibility of its IT systems and take true control over your production environment.

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Manufacturing Cybersecurity: What CFOs Need to Know

The mindset and engagement of executive leadership, and specifically the CFO, to set a culture of security, further enables that organization to take steps to notify and educate all employees of their role in preventing cyberattacks. In the absence of controls, reporting, and enforcement measures, CFOs rely on hope to address their concerns.