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Beige Book May 2024

75% of districts reported economic growth, 67% reported employment increases, and 75% reported weak commercial real estate.


Ohio Financial Report May 2024

Ohio’s nonfarm payroll employment increased to 5.6 million in March of 2024 and the state’s unemployment rate was 3.8%.


HHDC Q1 2024 Report

Aggregate household debt balances increased by $184 billion in the first quarter of 2024, a 1.1% rise from 2023Q4. Balances now stand at $17.69 trillion and have increased by $3.5 trillion since the end of 2019, just before the pandemic recession.


Beige Book April 2024

100% of districts reported wage growth, 85% reported economic growth, and 75% reported employment increases.


CFO Signals 1Q24 Report

59% of CFOs rate current economic conditions as good or very good, while 54% say economic conditions will improve in a year.


Google M-Trends 2024

Criminals use exploits and phishing for 55% of breaches and then focus on evasion to maintain network persistence for as long as possible.


Beige Book February 2024

67% of Districts reported slight to modest growth, 25% reported no change, and 8% noted softening. The economic outlook for future growth remained positive, with expectations for strong demand and less restrictive financial conditions over the next 6 to 12 months.


CFO Signals 4Q23 Report

47% of North American CFOs rate current economic conditions as good or very good, while 37% expect conditions to improve in a year.


2023 FBI IC3 Report

In 2023, IC3 received a record number of reported complaints from the American public, with an increase in potential losses exceeding $12.5 billion. The top five crimes were phishing, personal data breach, non-payment, extorsion, and tech support scams.


2024 Threat Intelligence Index

The observed 71% surge in cyber threats targeting identities represented 30% of all incidents in 2023.