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Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023

Business and cyber leaders face challenges understanding each other well enough to meet organizational risk.


2023 Global M&A Report

In 2023, savvy executives will keep their feet on their M&A accelerators, even as competitors slam on the brakes in the face of turbulence.

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2023 Manufacturing Outlook

Supply chain issues, including sourcing bottlenecks, global logistics backlogs, cost pressures, and cyberattacks, will likely remain critical industry challenges in 2023.

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The Beige Book January 2023

Manufacturers indicated that activity declined modestly in many Districts while supply chain disruptions had eased. Manufacturers in many Districts report declining freight costs and prices for commodities, including steel and lumber.

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OFR Annual Report 2022

The Office of Financial Research’s 2022 annual report to Congress found an elevated risk to U.S. financial stability throughout FY 2022.


DIB Cybersecurity Report 2022

More than 50% of organizations in the DIB aren’t compliant with the basic DFARS requirements.


Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2022

Cybercrime effectively uses two strategies to gain access. One is a campaign with broad targets that relies on volume. The other uses surveillance and more selective targeting to increase the rate of return.


2023 Threat Report Sophos

There is no sure defense against all these threats. Companies must transparently communicate their investments in security for that trust to be earned and maintained.


The Beige Book November 2022

The Beige Book November 2022 shows interest rates and inflation continue to weigh on the economy as many expressed uncertainty or increased pessimism concerning the outlook.