Resource Type: Report


The Beige Book January 2024

66% of Districts reported little or no change in economic activity, while 25% reported modest growth. Most Districts indicated that expectations for future growth were positive, had improved, or both.


The Unpatchables 2023 Identity Threat Report

This report aims to assess and summarize the current threat landscape facing organizations because digital identities (credentials) represent a source of technical exposure that is impossible to mitigate completely.


Beige Book November 2023

Economic activity slowed since the October report, with modest growth by 33%, flat by 17%, and slightly down by 50% of Districts.


CA Benefits & Risks of Generative AI 2023

The CA Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) Report presents an initial analysis of the potential benefits and risks.


Beige Book October 2023

The short-term outlook for the economy is described as stable or having slightly weaker growth.


CFO Signals 3Q23 Report

Cost and cash management (as well as avoiding big risks) could be prudent amid uncertainty.


Harnessing Shifts in Global Manufacturing

Wage inflation has outpaced productivity gains, and manufacturers are willing to pay more to make their supply chains robust and resilient to disruption.


Beige Book August 2023

58% of Districts reported slight increases in activity, while 42% reported no change or declines from July through August.


Data Breach Cost Report 2023

The Cost of a Data Breach Report equips IT, risk management, and security leaders with quantifiable evidence to help them better manage their security investments, risk profiles, and strategic decision-making processes.


Cyber Disclosures and Shareholders in 2023

Investors need accurate and timely cybersecurity risk governance and management disclosures to make informed decisions.