124 CFOs participated: 69% from public companies and 31% from privately held firms. 31% of the participants have more than 10 years’ experience, with another 27% having 5 to 10 years’ experience, while 42% have fewer than five years’ experience.

  • 47% of North American CFOs rate current economic conditions as good or very good, down from 57% in 3Q23.
  • 37% of North American CFOs expect conditions to improve in a year, down from 46% in the prior quarter.
  • 35% of CFOs believe that US equity markets are overvalued, a decline from 56% in 3Q23.
  • 10% of CFOs find debt financing attractive in 4Q23, down from 16% in 3Q23.
  • 19% of CFOs view equity financing as attractive, down from 29% in 3Q23.
  • 62% of CFOs say now is not a good time to take greater risks.
  • 38% of CFOs express a slightly lower optimism for their own companies’ financial prospects, compared to 41% in 3Q23.