CFOs reported their greatest challenges in managing enterprise risk and regulation as frequently changing and/or increasing regulations, working with regulators; implementing processes to identify, monitor, and address risks; and managing resources, costs, and business constraints.

  • 81% of CFOs put economic/ financial market risks at the top of their organizations’ most worrisome external risks.
  • 34% of North American CFOs rate current economic conditions as good or very good, down from 40% in 1Q23.
  • 34% of CFOs expect conditions to improve in a year, down significantly from 54% in the prior quarter.
  • 19% of CFOs surveyed from publicly traded companies find debt financing attractive, up slightly from 16% in 1Q23.
  • 11% of private company CFOs surveyed find debt financing attractive, down from 15% in the previous quarter.
  • 49% of CFOs find cyber risk disclosure requirements of most interest due to the impact on their ability to comply with rules and regulations.