Looking to 2023 and beyond, we can expect a return to the harsh reality that ransomware will wreak more disruption as data extortion becomes the rule rather than the exception. At the same time, increasing commercialization of dark-web exploit tools, initial-access brokers, and as-a-service attack infrastructures threaten to make cybercrime available to anyone with a few dollars and ill intent.

Amid growing concerns around cyber risk and organizational preparedness, navigating this threat landscape remains a matter of protecting people and defending data. Modern CISOs know that users are at the center of cybersecurity. They understand how critical safeguarding their organization’s sensitive information is, especially with an uncertain economy and employee churn.

To gain deeper insight into the mind of the CISO during this pivotal time, Proofpoint surveyed 1,600 of them from around the world. They graciously shared their experiences over the last year and their outlook for the years ahead.