Certitude Security® builds on a foundation of core values and a love of God, family, and country. Even before we established ourselves as cybersecurity advisors in the manufacturing industry, we refined strategies and methods to protect U.S. businesses from injustice caused by criminal enterprises. What follows are a few commonly asked questions – answered by CEO Lowell Bowdle – that speak to our purpose, values, mission, and vision for the future of American manufacturing:

1. What was your inspiration for launching a business focused on supporting manufacturers?

I continued to see manufacturers struggle with business disruption events during more than 20 years of advising clients on cybersecurity and technology, such as data loss, ransomware, and business-system downtime. If those financial consequences were not enough, some also had service providers who regularly missed commitments, sold needless products, and in some cases, were stealing from the businesses the provider is paid to serve.

The lack of strategy to focus on essential priorities creates confusion for leadership teams, so time and money are misallocated. The lack of oversight means limited accountability and diminished results for the time and money invested. Over time, I began noticing a trend, whereas similar issues occurred for manufacturers across multiple states. This recurring theme became a problem in my mind that needed to be solved.   

While working with an executive leadership group for entrepreneurs, I reached a moment of clarity. My vision for the future was evident and powerful enough to provide confidence that overrode my fear of failure. This exhilarating moment inspired me to proclaim that we will protect highly vulnerable manufacturers from exploitation.

Worse yet, many of these businesses do not have in-house expertise, and they are using IT service providers that masquerade as security professionals. The charade explains why so many manufacturers experience business disruption from ransomware attacks, data breaches, and other forms of cybercrime. Certitude Security® was born out of both a necessity and a devotion to uplifting American manufacturing.

Our vision for the future remains unchanged: to protect U.S. manufacturers from injustice, safeguard workers and their families livelihood, and help shield our nation’s economy from criminal enterprises and nation-states who want to harm us. This mission is a constant source of inspiration for every member of our team and helps guide everything we do for our clients and the manufacturing industry as a whole.

We are meant to protect manufacturers who are highly vulnerable to exploitation.We protect manufacturers who are highly vulnerable to exploitation.

2. What is the foundation of your company, and why are you so passionate?

Our core values are an outward manifestation of my belief system and determine how we execute our mission. At Certitude Security®, we value an open mindset that considers others first and a constant curiosity to learn more about our clients’ specific needs to be more effective at helping them protect their livelihood. We also believe in the gifts of liberty given by selfless men and women who serve a greater purpose.

We understand the value and importance that American-owned and operated businesses offer to the nation and the local communities and people across the United States. We rely on the goods and services provided by U.S. businesses every day. Through helping to protect manufacturing companies across various supply chains, we feel that we are doing our part to serve a greater purpose.

We remain dedicated to assisting the U.S. to take back its place as the world leader in manufacturing innovation while supporting and protecting the men and women who can make this dream a reality through innovations and intellectual property.

3. Can you tell us a little about your team?

Before establishing Certitude Security®, I thought about the talents, skills, and experiences to help us achieve our mission. It was clear that intelligence, discipline, and accountability were all important traits, but finding the right people had been a real challenge. If hiring did not align with our core values, all the technical skills and cybersecurity expertise in the world wouldn’t matter.

What followed was a period of introspection that helped me realize that many former military members embody our core values and the spirit of giving back. Growing up in a military household, I developed a profound respect for our country and our founding principles.

In the time since, we continue to build our team with committed professionals, including brave combat veterans who risked their lives to protect our country. I respect and honor these professionals that have chosen to dedicate themselves to protecting our critical manufacturing industry and the people who rely on it.

4. What makes you different from other technology companies?

We serve in the specialist role to help manufacturers and partner with the leadership and technical staff to execute the co-developed strategy. Since we are not an MSP, we cannot take over the internal IT team’s roles. The one distinction is that we can provide oversight for the work contracted by your MSP. If you want to increase your MSP’s performance, documented visibility by a third party is exceptionally useful.

Certitude Security®’s focus on manufacturing has helped us better understand this vital industry’s challenges and needs. We are amazed by the work ethic of American entrepreneurs, leadership teams, and factory workers. We believe that these professionals embody our great nation’s true spirit and values.

Additionally, we have tremendous love for our country. Made in America means quality and reliability. Manufacturers of all sizes require assistance to create more efficient operations and secure supply chains. We are also committed to promoting American-made products that support our families, communities, and U.S. economy.

Our focus on manufacturing has helped us better understand the challenges and needs of this vital industry.Our focus on manufacturing has helped us better understand the challenges and needs of this vital industry.

5. We’ve heard that you care deeply about giving back – what does that mean?

Our team is passionate about the future of American manufacturing, and there are a few other causes we care about deeply. My parents’ battle with cancer had a profound impact on my life, and when they passed, I was inspired to give back in ways that would enrich the lives of others.

I felt it was essential to carry on this legacy. This profoundly emotional experience motivated me to join the Pelotonia community to help raise funds for cancer research and participate in fundraising events with my Peloton in remembrance of my parents.

We continue to raise money actively for cancer research and donate to feed hungry families across the United States. I genuinely believe that the feeling and expression of gratitude can have an exponential impact and that giving back to those in need isn’t a matter of charity. It’s a duty all of us must uphold.

6. How do you bring clarity and confidence to your clients?

In the United States, manufacturing quality products begins with protecting those businesses from injustice. That’s why, as the specialized cyber-risk company for smart manufacturers across supply chains, we’re committed to protecting businesses, families, and communities. By reducing the waste of resources and avoiding business disruption, families and local economies also benefit from the improved financial performance of U.S. manufacturers.

We know, with certainty, that attacks on manufacturers will increase as businesses return production to the United States. Stealing trade secrets, extortion, disruption, and reputational harm are the goals of these criminals who frequently evade prosecution. 

We work directly with leadership and technical teams throughout supply chains in the United States to develop strategies and action plans to avoid business disruption and financial losses caused by cyber-threat exposure to criminal enterprises and nation-states.

If we collaborate, what could you accomplish?
Would you like to know which vendors pose the most risk to your company? 
Would preventing business disruption be advantageous?
How could you better serve your customers and grow your business?

As a proud supporter of American companies, Certitude Security® is working diligently to inform leaders and facilitate essential asset protection priorities for manufacturers and supply chains throughout the United States.

Problem discussions can be a defining moment in your career. If you are interested in value creation, learn about SPOT-Beam™ by Certitude Security®. We look forward to helping you and your business succeed!