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Chief Risk Officer Survey 2023

Risk functions must strategically anticipate and proactively respond to signals, threats, and opportunities for competitive advantage. This report compiles data from 390 U.S. risk executives on how enterprise risk functions prioritize to meet the challenges, demands, and opportunities across five risk drivers.


Manufacturing Trends 2023

Manufacturers are accelerating the pace of investments to generate top-line growth by accelerating innovation and providing the data necessary to create new products and business models.


2023 US Private Equity Outlook

PE fund returns will underperform public equity benchmarks as private market valuations continue to get marked down.


PWC 2022 Corporate Directors Survey

Social and economic disruption makes stakeholder trust hard to win and easy to lose. To maintain trust, companies must be intentional when considering stakeholder relationships.


CFO Signals 3Q 2022

Compared to 2Q, CFOs’ sentiment toward the current conditions in the five economic regions fell this quarter.

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CFO Signals 2Q 2022

In this survey, many CFOs see the economy losing steam and cited inflation as one of their most worrisome external risks.

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Pulse Survey August 2022

The latest Pulse survey shows executives focusing on growth despite many business risks facing companies. They plan to invest in many parts of their business, including digital transformation and IT.


2021 Annual Litigation Trends

Most participants fear evolving trends that pose financial and reputational risks to their organizations.


CFO Signals 1Q 2022

CFOs provided their thoughts on the economy, capital spending, and measuring the IT function to increase value.

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CFO Compensation Survey 2022

The CFO Compensation Survey provides a window into the compensation practices and services that affect the office of the CFO in venture-backed and mid-market growth companies. The survey is in response to and in coordination with the members of the CFO Roundtable.