I am curious, have you ever scanned an invoice and wondered if the charges incurred are valid? Each day, we make decisions about money, time, and energy that flow down the drain. Without a stopper in place, we can struggle to evaluate and measure consumption effectively. These recurring leaks in cash flow lead to wasteful spending habits each quarter.

Are you pleased with the support you receive from your outsourced IT provider? The data you receive can be imperfect or incomplete and thus cause you to be uncertain. Why do system events occur? Based upon experience from evaluations, your outsourced IT provider is not performing to their potential for the money you invest.

There is often more than one explanation for why things happened the way they did. Are they performing the work for which you contracted? As you examine alternative explanations, you feel the reasons are not logical. The disbursements continue. It’s your call; is lousy service good enough?

What are the implications?

  1. Diminished value received for the same services performed
  2. Frustrations and anxiety develop as vendor responsiveness decreases
  3. The promoted cost-savings turn into increased expenditures
  4. Unable to identify negligent acts during the performance of the work each month
  5. Exposure to unrecoverable data loss events that jeopardize the business
Hour glass with blue sand next to stack of hundred dollar bills.

Regain Control

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the National Security Agency (NSA) observed incidents involving ransomware threat actors targeting managed service providers (MSPs). MSPs have widespread and trusted access to client organizations.

By compromising any MSP, a ransomware threat actor could access multiple victims through one initial compromise. Cybersecurity authorities in the United States assess an increase in ransomware incidents where threat actors target MSPs to reach their clients.

Will you celebrate business disruption and pay the ransom as a quality learning experience?

How do you begin to eliminate uncertainty and regain financial control?

The uncertainty as to time, cost, and outcome requires you to control the quality of work performed by the third-party IT company. With limited resources as the buyer, how can you overcome these obstacles?

A New Approach

It is in the executives’ interest to avoid overpaying for products and services. We increase value by instilling accountability.

Leadership hires us because of our knowledge, insights, and experiences. Our consulting agreements are limited in the scope of work and generally result in us acting as your agent. Deadlines and measurements are imperative to success.

To date, only 100% of the computing environments evaluated had severe problems.

Our approach to advocating for you, our client, is friendly and firm. As your agent, we pursue the service provider in completing their services as you contracted your investments to be delivered.

This acknowledgment is incredibly accurate when the contracted arrangements involve a series of managed services. We commonly review and modify the proposed design and implementation to meet your stated criteria. We highlight often-overlooked issues that represent exposure to business disruption and loss for you, our client.

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Fiduciary Duties

This distinction of a fiduciary is the difference that provides you with much-needed results. We will not take on the role of your MSP or outsourced IT company. We must implement structure and measurement to focus energy on exceptions outside the established norm. A higher level of knowledge and understanding allows us to save you money, time, and energy each quarter.

We apply experience and probability to examine what is going on behind the curtain and understand causality. Every business has drains; the typical regret is ignoring the leaks and doing nothing to fix them. Those issues will not go away on their own.

Do not allow worries and past regrets to impair your judgment in taking the first and most challenging step. We welcome your inquiry as you vow to stop wasting time, money, and energy each quarter.

Shared understanding is a force multiplier that allows for effectiveness through higher-value conversations, knowledge transfer, and actionable insights. Improved decision-making awaits as you focus on stopping the leaks. We look forward to collaborating with you.

As a proud supporter of American companies, Certitude Security® is working diligently to inform leaders and facilitate essential asset protection priorities for manufacturers and supply chains throughout the United States.

Problem discussions can be a defining moment in your career. If you are interested in value creation, learn about SPOT-Beam™ by Certitude Security®. We look forward to helping you and your business succeed!